More on 4 Realities of Rain Fading

Over the years, Aviat Networks has learned a lot about deploying microwave hops for our customers. This white paper provides expanded insight on four realities of rain fading in higher frequency microwave bands including that rain outage:
  • Approximately doubles in each higher microwave wave band, e.g. 18 to 23 GHz
  • Remains directly proportional to path length—assuming a constant fade margin for each hop
  • Is the same in tandem-connected short hops as for a single long hop—if they have the same fade margin
  • Multipath fading in optimally aligned millimeter wave hops does not occur during periods of heavy rainfall, so the entire path fade margin is available to combat rain attenuation fades
Download this white paper to get the full story on how to optimize your microwave network to mitigate rain fading. And if you need extra help, tick the box to talk to an Aviat Networks microwave expert.

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